Friday, March 05, 2010

Blast from the past!

My last trip to Kerala resulted in me stumbled upon some rare Indian coins

First one is a 1858 East India Company's one quarter anna coin
But if you flip this coin, you see the reverse side is not aligned with obverse, minting error?

Then I Googled and found out that these early minted coins had 180 degree Die Rotation as they flipped the coin on East-West Axis. One Quarter anna 1857 & 1858 were minted by J .Watt & Co, Birmingham, England and they followed the British pattern of minting coins.
But later the British realized this fact and corrected the minting procedure. Hence, the later coins were perfect.

Then British India 1916 One Rupee Silver King George V Coin

From Victoria Queen to Victoria Empress

Another interesting info, The legend reads "Victoria Queen" for coins dated 1862 - 1876.

But reads "Victoria Empress" for coins dated 1877 - 1901,Interested to know more, read here

They ruled India!A journey through coins

The East India Company, Queen Victoria (1862 - 1876) , Empress Victoria (1877 - 1901), King Edward VII(1903 - 1910),King George V(1911 - 1936), King George VI(1938 - 1947)

Then a set of Half Anna and Quarter Rupee coins dated from 1876 till 1934

Then some 1 Pice coins

And Coins from Princely states

Last one being the British India's last coin

Now am interested in numismatics.

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