Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogger blogger everywhere

Thats what I call the second Chennai Univercell IndiBlogger meet.

Bloggers at the meetup (foto courtesy:Ram)

Techy bloggers, some blog for niche segements (what about a blog on surrogacy or interriors), some because s/he hates her/his teacher, some just to record the various events, one person lost a fortune watching stupid films and in order to take revenge on the Directors of those films started reviewing film, some true professional blogger with around 17 blogs,OMG!

I did some home work,printed this card, exclusive for IndiBloggers, so that I could avoid telling people again and again what my blog url is

Then we had interesting way of networking. Each one was given a chart that (s)he was supposed to wear, meet people and get their comments. It was fun.

Chain reaction? Bloggers desperately scrapping! (foto courtesy:Ram)

This is what I got! anyway good to meet lots of people, an afternoon spent wisely

Sry forgot to mention

A T-shirt to all, so we blog therefore we are!


Deepa Raman said...

hey..its better to meet through blogging once again...i was there at the meet..nice catching up here..

sandeep varma said...

@deepa hi, yeah gud to meet u here

Kally said...

Hi sandeep

Cool!! Glad 2 meet u in the meetup!!

Proud 2 b a blogger!! :)