Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mahabharata, what is not in it, is nowhere!

Part IV: Male pregnancy

This is in continuation of my series on The Great Indian Epic, The Mahabharata

If you missed Part I(War live commentary), II(Walkout) and III(Quiz)

There is this wonderful movie Juniorof Arnold Schwarzenegger,becoming pregnant and giving birth to a baby. Its quite interesting to watch a man getting pregmant and giving birth.In animal world,Sea horse take care of the so called female activity but if you look at Mahabharata, you come across a similar incident.

Once,few boys of Krishna's Yadhava clan dressed up a boy Samban, as a pregnant woman. They teased Sage Durvasar asking him if the child would be a boy or a girl. Enraged Durvasar cursed that a steel pestle would be born which would annihilate the entire YAdhava clan. Same thing happened and the steel pestle resulted in the downfall of the Krishna clan. One more plot confirming the fact that what is not in Mahabharata, is nowhere!

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