Sunday, February 21, 2010

TED Active learnings for TEDX Chennai

This TEDX Chennai organisers' meets I tell you, are always filled with 'TED moment(s)'. Truck load of informations are shared,some times experiences too

So on 21 Feb 2010,Kiruba Shankar, who attended TED Active 2010,Palm Springs, California had some wonderful insights and experiences to share.Information that will surely help in making a great TEDX Chennai experience. Here are few to share

1.How one can get the best speakers through crowd sourcing- learning from TEDX Amsterdam

2. Not to treat TEDX Chennai as an event, but as the culmination of month/year long selection of great people and inturn great ideas

3. How vital the various pre TEDX events are, like TEDX conversations with TEDX Stars

4. The power of wish lists

5. To plan well in advance as if TEDX Chennai is happening in June and not in Oct and

6. (Not really applicable to TEDX Chennai)How to find a hotel with great difficulty in Palm springs, near to the TED Active venue, feel blessed, rush to the hotel then realise that its a Gay hotel!and experience the real TED moment(read TED shocker)

But our TED moment came when Kiruba showered all of us with

Ted2010 limited edition Artist tote

TEDX Chennai badges


TED Pouch

Now its time to DO, to create a great TEDX Chennai moment!

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