Monday, February 08, 2010

Restaurants from different places

Ever checked how many restaurants in your city have a place's name attached to it? I tried to figure out in Chennai how many one can find. So this is Part 1

Big things first,

There is a China in Chennai, Mainland China

Kumarakom,a famous tourist spot in Kerala, but in Chennai if you want to try Kerala Sea food, visit this place.

U.S Pizza, am not sure its open

Kabul,TTK Road, interested in North West Frontier food?

Ente Keralam, my Kerala!@Poes Garden

Madurai Appu,for authentic Chettinad food

Then the New Yorker, near Gemini flyover

(To be continued...)


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I've been to just one or two of them... but there're lots more you can cover- raintree, Oxford, Green Meadows, Influence... Sparkleys...

sandeep varma said...

Shri, am covering hotels having their names/part as places' names so oxford is fine, yeah need to cover more. Thanks

The Common Man said...

Dont forget Karaikudi

sandeep varma said...

Never, infact karaikudi will feature in the part 2, thanks