Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lost in Chennai Science festival 2010

From Feb 3 to 7 at Science city,Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre, this year's theme is "Science in every day life".

Little bit confused in seeing this Alectrosaurus or Allosaurus, not sure of the family of Dinosaur, making bizarre screams thankfully not moving. Wonder the role of this giant lizard in Science in everyday life? but then found out, to amuse students!

Found an interesting stall

Ramanujan Museum & Math education centre showcasing Math learning kits

A tribute to Srinivasa ramanujan, man who knew infinity

Shapes with Triangles

Shapes with square, confusing?

Good outing for school children

but what about taking science beyond the schools and colleges?

Couple of Madras Red sheep

Ostrich desperately looking for more space

veterinary college stall, some pigs,rabbits and many more

One Prof instructing his students to go around,observe things and end of the day submit one page write up on the science fair

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