Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Extra Terrestrials landed in Chennai

75 minutes of Wow! : guaranteed! by Show space to mark

10th year in event management business, brought

8 International performers together for

1 of a kind show


The Extra Terrestrials!

The Venue: The Music Academy, Chennai

Thanks to Show Space, around 20 Bloggers were selected and given free tickets(including me)for the event.

Chennai Bloggers: Venkatesh, Benny, Ram,Prashanth and Shrinidhi,
Evidently happy about getting free tickets: minutes before the show

Great gesture by Show Space: around 350 children from Cancer Institute and Spastic society were invited for the show, here you see them eagerly waiting to get in!

Have a look here to know various bloggers' reaction

Mr. N.Ram,Editor-in-chief of The Hindu was the chief guest, inaugurated the show. He had a special message for the kids. Need to appreciate the best in the World beyond narrow nationalism.

So what to expect from ET?

1.Men in Gold: Hand balancing acrobatics by duo from Hungry: Sandor vlah and Gyula Takacs

2.King of German Wheel: Wolfgang Bientzle

3.One wheel wonder or Unique unicyclist from Sweden:Erik Ivarsson

4.Skating and mid air acrobatics by German skaters

5.Acrobatic Trio's hand balancing act

6.The illusionist Jerome Murat's Living Statue

7.Lord of the Ring or Houdini with Hoop from Russia: Anton Skopinov Houdini

8.Laserman: Theo Dari from France. World's first person to introduce Laser act and later Laser 3D act also

Watch a promo of the show here

And I heard a lot!


Shrinidhi Hande said...

thanks for the photos and post Sandeep.. Glad you enjoyed it...

sandeep varma said...

thanks for the opportunity Shrinidhi