Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TEDx Chennai Participants

A glance at the profiles of the participants at TED x Chennai will surely give an idea about how great a day Nov 29 is going to be. You will be meeting some great people who have really done (and continue) to do things differently, remember ‘Think different ‘ ad campaign by Apple Inc?

Meet two of them

Vinod Achanta, The wild Biker

"I grew from a timid guy to a wild biker."says Vinod Achanta

A member of the INDDIETHUMPERS motorcycle club,in 2008 he rode Mumbai - Aurangabad - Lonar - Mumbai and covered 1300kms.

To attend TEDx Chennai conference, he has planned to do what he always wanted and passionate about, to ride all the way down to Chennai from Hyderabad.

"Say no to plastic, ride only a Bullet"
, his web page says

Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhuta alias Christian Fabre

A French Hindu monk who is also the CEO of one of the most successful garment sourcing form in India,Christian Fabre Private Limited

Various articles will give you an idea about Swamiji.
BBC article on Swamiji

The Hindu article on ‘Swami and friends’.

So I am just waiting for Nov 29, a day that will surely change my life.


Benedict G said...

cool... I d love to meet this swami too.... Sandeep you blog rocks

sandeep varma said...

Thanks Bennyji

Anonymous said...

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fabiola said...

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