Monday, November 30, 2009

A life changing experience!

For the last two months my friends and family were wondering (and to an extent worried also) what I was doing? meeting unknown people at CCD at odd timings,spending hours together discussing strange topics, always in front of net and frantically browsing , sending tons of mails, mentioning names like Kiruba, Benny, and many more

Detailing about the menu at a place named 'Tiffanys'. Believe me it was hard convincing these guys (that includes my wife)

Then I did a smart thing, on 29 NOV 2009 I brought them to TEDx Chennai and I(we) realised that

Corruption is like diabetics, you can only control it, never eliminate.

There are many Everests inside one and the trick is to make one step at a time.

Indian cinema must be content driven.

There is one organisation that takes care of your mental health even if you are not an addict.

All District Collectors are 'super power houses' and they can really changes the lives of millions.

Everyone needs food but farmers are always ignored.

Human spirit can fight and kill cancer.

Male and female King cobras have different colours.

And above all when 20 odd young people come together nothing is impossible!


Benedict G said...

Sandeep... you were a silent operator, the food was simple yet good... it competed with the talks

sandeep varma said...

Oh thats nice Benyji