Friday, November 06, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar, the argument continues…

After the 5th ODI between Australia and India, one of my friend commented in his facebook that Sachin is not a great finisher of game. Now it’s a bit harsh (even for Sachin) for any opener to finish the game when many of his team mates just come and say a ‘Hi’ and walk back to pavilion. But Sachin tried to do the mere impossible and probably realized that Cricket is still a team game.

Sachin is not new to criticisms. Some of the criticisms I have heard.
He always plays for records. You expect him to hit a century when ever he steps out of his dressing room and in that process some records are either born or broken. Now if he hits centuries you say that it’s for records, if he don’t you say its time to retire.

Another one, when ever Sachin hits 100, India loss the match. That will happen even if he hits a double ton. The other 10 players should realize that it’s not a one man show (most of the time it will end up like that) and they are expected to contribute. But if you are so obsessed with records, there is one to disapprove this point. 32 of his 45 hundreds have resulted in the Indian victories, it’s a World record. India has won all the finals when he has registered hundreds.

Even after 20 years, smashing all records, people still expect Sachin to prove himself! That’s India. And the argument continues…..


KG said...

Chaeta, we all understand and accept that he is the greatest, however having said that, he doesnt have that attribute that the Husseys, Bevans and Misbahs have - complete things off! It doesnt not matter whether he opens or comes in the last; 23 balls 22 and you get out, and tell me I am a opener, and its the tails responsibilty to do it,, C'mon!!

sandeep varma said...

Dude you can't compare Sachin with Husseys,Bevans for sure. Anyway nice to see your reply [:)]

Sailesh Varma said...

Some more stats -
Batsmen-No. of games Opened-Not outs-Fifties-Hundreds-Average-Rate of getting at least a 50!

Sachin -313- 21- 70- 41- 48.16- 0.36
Ganguly-151- 08- 34- 15- 42.20- 0.32
Hayden -147- 14- 33- 10- 44.30- 0.29
Gibbs - 114- 02- 18- 14- 36.11- 0.28
Sanath -382- 15- 66- 28- 34.71- 0.25
Gilcrst-259- 07- 53- 16- 36.51- 0.27