Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nainamvalappu: The football capital of Kozhikode: Part II

N.V.Subair,President-NFFA,says there is so much talent here when it comes to football but lack of facilities is the biggest impediment.

Replica of FIFA World cup trophy, made by this person in wood.There is a purpose for this replica of World cup trophy kept here. This trophy is made in wood. During the final of the World cup when the winner lifts the original FIFA World cup trophy, this replica at Nainamvalappu will be handed over to the respective fan club members!so this time members of the Spain fans club lifted the trophy.

Even I had this rare opportunity of holding FIFA World cup trophy, a replica atleast!

Banners from Nainamvalappu!

Holland fans Club

Some section of the people here hope that one day India will make it to FIFA World cup football! Jai Ho!

The only place throughout Malabar where I saw a banner for Korean team!

Some local heroes playing with legendary Pele (good photoshop work!)

And an entire fence wall dedicated to World cup fixture!

NFFA even has a blog dedicated to football related news.

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