Monday, July 05, 2010

Day 4: Puthanathani, Malappuram district
Nice Coffee Day: 2 Argentina, 1 Brazil and 1 Germany please!

Through one of Malayalam dailies, I came to know about this wonderful Coffee shop in Puthanathani, a small town in Malappuram district.

So what's the specialty of this Coffee shop? and how is it related to the football World cup?

This is one sure sign of soccer mania!almost 4 ft replica of FIFA World Cup made in Gypsum! in front of the Nice Coffee Day!

Set of Brazilian and Argentinian juice glasses! Then I met Mr. Khalid who runs the shop, along with Mr. Abdul Karim. So if you ask for juice you are most likely get a menu like this "Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, France and Germany".

"We wanted to do something very different this World cup , and we came out this concept of naming various juices as leading football playing nations", says Khalid who himself is a juice maker.

And the name is not only in the juice, so you have various tables branded as different nations like

Germany table

Italy, all you have to do is come and sit in your favourite nation's table, the particular juice, named after that nation we come to you!

The Samba table, for the fans of Brazil!So there are like friends, who will come as a gang and once they enter they split and sit in their respective team's table.

You have England table also. He is planning to show the semis and final live adjacent to the shop itself so that people can see the matches while sipping the juice.

So I went and sat in Argetina table and ordered, 1 Argentina please!

And enjoyed my Argentina shake, it was complimentary from the owner!

Later in Chennai at Cafe Coffee Day I found this, but according to me Nice Coffee Day is more connected to World Cup Soccer brand and represents the true spirit of people of Malabar towards Football!

To be continued...


vipin said...

this is interesting and a different way to express their gratitude towards football... good work sandeep chetta for giving us this piece of information.....

sandeep varma said...

@Vipin, yeah very interesting, thanx

Shrinidhi Hande said...

good creativity...and great marketing