Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TEDx Chennai 2010: The Kick start!

"TEDxChennai is 280 days away. But if you had come to the organizers meet today, you'd have thought its happening next week!"
Kiruba on Twitter

tweet says it all, Jan 3 meetup gave a concrete idea about how to go ahead.

First things first, even though the World is coming out from the recession we don't want to take chances. We made a very comprehensive list on prospective sponsors. Making the list is always easy and took hardly 10 mins now the real challenge is to rop them in. After the roaring success of first edition of TEDx Chennai, getting sponsorship would be relatively easy.

Kiruba's stunt. The LCD TV that you see in the picture is actually a reflection. Kiruba trying to pass through with out getting hurt had there been a physical TV. Probably Pranav Mistry's Sixth sense effect?

We believe that the Journey is as important as destination.We have been meeting at Cafe Coffee Day, enough of closed spaces we thought. Now each and every oraganisers' meetup is going to be as eventful as the TEDx itself. Next meetup we are planning to have in company with some crocodiles and Alligators, anyone interested to volunteer?

Another major discussion was on the venue. IIT Chennai was great but we are looking at other options as the only thing that is permanent is the change

There is a series of events planned ahead of TEDx Chennai 2010 and the first one is the TEDconversations happening on Jan 16.

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