Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse @ Kotturpuram, Chennai

Chennai Birla Planetarium /Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre (location) was all set for the mega event of the year, Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010

All decorated with lightbulbs

Early morning scenes!

Police force ready for controlling the crowd

Men fixing the telescope and other equipments

The rush started by 10 a.m itself

There was a kilometre long queue to view the eclipse and length of the queue was ever incresing.Its like family outing almost like a mahakumbhmela

and here you see an illegal seller of goggles (you get free goggles inside) later the officials asked him to leave the premises and I found him outside selling the same

People are seeing Eclipse through telescope,

freely distributed goggles, welding glasses and films

There are standees kept explaining about the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse seen through a welding glass, captured in my mobile

Camera man of a local TV channel trying to fix the shot for a live telecast

Eclipse seen on a paper, reflected from a lense


Ilan said...

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sandeep varma said...

@Ilan thanks