Saturday, January 09, 2010

Can we save the garbage from the deers?

If you go to IIT Madras you can see Deers munching garbage

Earlier these deers (or their predecessors) used to come where I stay (kotturpuram) and eat garbage

Nowadays I don't see them, is it because our area is garbage free or the deers are happy in the IIT campus itself? am not sure

click here to see video

Now we have 'clean needle' like dilemma, if we don't dump garbage the deers will starve and die and if we put more garbage we are messing up the place

So can we make sure that deers are properly fed?Can we save the Garbage from the deers


sandeep said...

i was recently in IIT campus and was surprised to see the rich wildlife inside the campus - and yeah, the bad part is they looked so very domesticated. i am not surprised that they are chasing garbage!

sandeep varma said...

Yeah Sandeep, u said it. Thanks