Monday, December 21, 2009

A Grand Weekend Vegetable Shopping!

I read about the "Grand Kerala Shopping festival", "great weekend offers by one of the famous retail outlet, Festival discount sale details and am happy. I go out expecting a great deal, reaching the shop I see this!

You can not find a number less than Rs.20!

I wonder all these discount / mega sales are not applicable here or what?

I took some time to get adjusted to the rates mentioned, I double check with the guy in the counter whether its for half kg or they made any mistake in adding?

He smiles and says everything is perfect. I realise I have come to a place where you get the most expensive if not exclusive items in the town.

Never in my life I have seen rates like Rs.120 per kg

Or Rs.140 per Kg!

Now I think better I get used to these rates so that my heart is in good shape!

Thus I finished my most expensive weekend shopping!

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