Friday, December 04, 2009

The behind scene stories of TEDx Chennai: Part II:

Ideas really worth spreading!

The real ‘Fevicol-like-glue-together’ reason for people who got acquainted through facebook was all shared a passion for ‘new ideas’ that was really worth spreading.
Almost all the TEDx Chennai organisers’’ meetups were testimonies of this fact.

Innumerable ideas were discussed, some implemented and a few discarded.
The last meetup stands apart where some really great ideas were not only shared but demonstrated also.

NOV 27, 2009 at Kiruba’s office!
Only two days away from the much awaited event. ‘Spirits ‘were really running high among teammates. Kiruba and myself went out to buy food and ‘idea boosters’ for the team.

On the way back we realized that there was no opener but Kiruba was pretty confident (as always) and had full faith in the team. ‘There will be lots of ideas on how to open a beer bottle without an opener’ he said.
And there were few worth sharing.

Benny demonstrated how to open a beer bottle with door latch.

Kiruba made his office kitchen slab a beer opener.

Now I hear that Benny is preparing a talk for TEDx Chennai 2010. The topic “How to open Beer bottle in 101 different ways”, of course without an opener
That’s really Ideas worth spreading!


Benedict G said...

Ideas are worth spreading...the TED spirit.. you have done a good job Sandeep..trying to spread the awesome idea of 'opening a beer bottle with the door latch'... mankind will surely benefit...looks like both of us might end up TED platform if they plan to do TEDxKICKASS !!!!!!!!!!!!

sandeep varma said...