Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Climate Champion

I started planting trees, at traffic signals i started switching off my bike if the waiting time is more than 60 sec, I almost cried into a wet pillow when heard that copenhagen summit was a failure, my aversion for plastics continued, I tried my level best to become as green as possible then I went to book a train ticket.

Thanks to festivals and holidays, most of the trains are full. I decided to take a ticket where the Waiting List is minimum. Now there are three main trains that connects Chennai and Palakkad, I took 4 reservation forms and wrote the same To (Chennai) and From (Palakkad) columns( 1 more special train)

went near the machine that gives the details and started looking for seat availability. After a while one person came and stood behind me, I continued the execise. After I finished he called me and introduced himself as a railway employee and said in a polite way," Next time when you check seat availability for multiple trains, first write all the trains details in one paper then check". I felt as if I was melting away faster than the Antartic ice. I thanked him and started walking towards the counter.

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