Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life in an Advertising agency, part-1
They say Advertising is the only industry where one can have fun with pants on. Now the level of fun depends on the client handled. In spite of deadlines and client screaming, ad agencies can be fun place. What started as a de-brief session ended up like a collage of caricature featuring the entire members of the agency (thanks to economic recession, not many left in the agency). Everybody (including me) contributed. The topics varied from one’s obsession towards earrings of unimaginable shapes, scale and sizes, recent honeymoon trip made by a member, about low waist jean one wears, one person’s highly imaginative story of a snake that can swallow a donkey (he still believes and often tries to convince others that there is a snake like that). Now activities like these makes an ad agency a place where one can have real fun (yeah, pants are still on).

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Dileep said...

All crazy...half crazy... full crazy... oh now i am getting crazy.. :) all ad men are crazy...they make clients...........hmm I don't wanna say anything...clients aere born crazier