Monday, February 09, 2009

Chachu's Bike

For the past three days there is a slight change in my routine. I need to drop my brother's son, samyu in school. Now this duty is for just three days but its worth putting down the events.

Day 1

Samyu was ready by the time I reached his home. He informed that Papa has gone to office. Probably he was reasserting me why I was there and what I was supposed to do.

He found my Bike comfortable right from the beginning but worse was yet to come.

Samyu's road map to School is almost fixed and I made the utmost sin of deviating that route. He was quick to react and said Chachu (That's what he calls me) was completely wrong. I somehow managed the show by telling him that this route was far better, I doubt that was a convincing answer. On the way he told me where his mother used to have Pizza. Throughout the journey he was talking and I was nodding. First day duty was over. Later he complained to his mother that Chachu is not listening to him!

Day 2

Exactly when we reached the same signal where I had took a turn the other day; Samyu protested, this time more furiously than last time. I had to lie to him that I don't know the route and some how convinced him. Probably he was so sure of my ignorance

Day 3

Last day of my special duty. Samyu told me that his Papa is coming in the afternoon to pick him from school , again a reminder that my duty was over. Now the conversation was on throughout the trip. Before reaching the school samyu certified that my bike was good (after much public outcry I had give my vehicle for servicing) but am sure unlike his papa, who is a mechanical engineer, he don't know anything about bikes.

Anyway those three days were fun. Sometimes its good to disturb your routine

Change is good!!!

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