Friday, October 09, 2009

The so called real (ity) show!

Lady almost in tears telling her friends how she cleaned plates and utensils

A devoted mother praying for the wellbeing of her three kids

Jobless celebrities walking here and there telling outdated jokes

You can see them getting up from bed, brushing the teeth, fighting and abusing each other and lot more

Welcome to Bigg Boss, season 3, the so called reality show.

Now some statistics of Bigg Boss
13 celebrities, so called
4,000 sq feet of space. Highlights of this time. A smoking zone, bathroom and toilets are inside the house?????
250 crew members working on eight-hour shifts
Around 50 security guards (Is anybody really interested in these so called celebrities or the security is to protect from the wrath of viewers?
34 cameras to capture memorable moments
2 switchers, remote operators, loggers (transcribers), shaders (computer animation specialists)

So let’s enjoy the wonderful lives of these people! after all our lives have become so unreal that we go behind reality TV shows like these

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