Monday, October 05, 2009

Gandhi Jayanti’s true spirit

The Twitter Minister said in his recent tweet that Gandhi Jayanti should not be a National holiday but instead everybody should work on that day and that’s the right way of remembering the Mahatma.( read the news here)
This Oct 2 we celebrated in a different way. we worked.In schools on Gandhi Jayanti day students clean up the school premises). Normally on any Oct 2 you sit in front of the TV and watch the Oscar winning movie ‘Gandhi’, that too in different languages in different channels but On Bapu’s 140th birthday we painted our home.

Now painting can be such an agonizing exercise

packing the things, shifting the packs to various rooms and dusting the place after the place is painted.

You mood swing from agony to ecstasy

But once you see the walls start getting their shades, your mind also brighten up

We celebrated the birth day of the man who said that ‘work is worship’, in true spirit, by working!

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