Friday, October 05, 2007

Change is Good!!

Its heartbreaking to say goodbye to someone who was with you for past 23 years, that too when you were fully dependent on him. Sometimes you felt that he was part of you. Never, not even in your wildest, craziest dreams you thought that he would leave you.

At last that moment came, to say goodbye to dearest friend and as they say in one of the latest commercials, “Change is Good”

Last week I underwent LASIK, laser treatment for eyes!!!!


Dileep said...

yes spectacles are good friends..but now you can see better :)gr88

suji said...

yeah, things hav to change.. through d looking glass too wud.. hope u r seein equally well now.or may b better..

sandeep varma said...

thanx for comments , yeah am looking better now, got a new vision (pun intended)

surreality said...

your glasses seemed terribly thick.. like mine.. i'm a -13...and considering lasik too. wat's your prescription?