Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kapil’s Devils Vs Dhoni’s Destroyers!!!

After a gap of 24 years Cricket world Cup is back in India. This time Dhoni’s destroyers brought the cup home without the burden errrr brains of Gods, Princes and Walls. Thanks to media, a news debate has already started, Who is The Greatest? Kapil’s Devils or Dhoni’s Destroyers? Forget the debate, I do see some comparisons. Both the team were under dogs in the beginning of the tournament, but at last because of sheer spirit they won. Kapil was a great Captain and Dhoni is in the making for sure. Anyway History is repeating, but time taken is the only worry! How long we should wait for the next Cup?


Indian Cricket team members are going to become millionaires after their T20 triumph and Indian Hockey team,(if u remember they recently won the Asia Cup) is planning to do a sathyagraha in front of Karnataka Chief Minister’s house. No prizes for guessing the motive behind this Sathyagraha.

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suji said...

xtremely well said.. without d gods, princes n walls.. to add to, masters n master blasters!
lets pray for d national sport as well..whatever be d motive, lets accept that d game n d players lack d
attention it deserves.