Wednesday, April 18, 2007

News from GOD’S own country


On Vishu day, as always, devotees throng the Sabarimala temple for “Kanikanal” and to get “Vishukaineettam”, but this time a surprise (or shock) was in store for them. Its believed that Thanthri gave them foreign coins as ‘kaineettam’. Hope its not American Dollars. Dollar is doing very badly in international market (1US Dollar was 41 INR, lowest in last 9 years). Don’t get surprised if you see long queue in front of Foreign exchange counter of various banks in Pathanamthitta. Devotees are busy converting their “Vishukaineettams” into Indian Rupee.


Mr K. J Yesudas, well known playback singer wants to enter Guruvayur Sree Krishna Swamy temple, but technically he can not because only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple. He is an ardent devotee of Krishna and has sung so many devotional songs about him. But that’s not criteria for entering. Lets wait and see whether he will be able to open “Gopuravathil” and see “ Gopakumaran”.


Dileep said...

Kaineettam foreign ayalenda...

Deepastambham Mahascharyam, enikkum Kittanam Panam -
Kunjan Nambiar talks orma varunnu..

suji said...

aah well...wen i read both d incidents simultaneously, i think gopuravathil shud b opened for yesudas n who knows, may b d gopakumaran will also get some dollars or somethng..:-)

sandeep varma said...

thanks for da comments dileep and suji, lets hope for that