Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ad Club, Madras, Batch the 13th,
Nothing unlucky about it!!

Atlast the dream come true, I have been selected for the Post Graduate Program on Advertising Management ( PGDAM) course conducted by Ad club, Madras. I was thrilled, after a gap of 5 years I am back to college days. This time the difference was that this course is not a full time course unlike my MBA and when the classes started I came to know that I am one of the oldest (a Dino) in the batch, during my MBAi was one of the youngest.

13th batch had 21 students (nobody knows who was the 21st person) . We enjoyed most of the sessions , hated some and ignored a few. we had some wonderful characters. Anand,Soup kuttan (who always used to drink soup before coming to class), Balaji, who became less talkative as the course progressed (thanks to batchmates), Tanya, the party planner who tried hard not to miss the first and last sessions of the course. Aahaa girl was always smiling, Nithya was the most experienced 'adgirl'. Aswin asked for treat for strange reasons. Praveen was already a half baked film maker and TNEB Engineer was our big brother. Sanjeev developed relationships across borders. Eugene was as calm as Gauthama, the Buddha .Hari kept a LAWprofile. Shatru, arun and abhi kept the batch alive. Padma attended more classes towards end. Rekha got wedded in the midst. Guru wanted to be an actor. Suresh demanded special sessions on modelling (he did not attend half the course, mind you). JP and Viduthalai were silent spectators.

And the final written exam. Everybody had a doubt, what is a brand? Ha better late than never I thought. Neverthless I enjoyed the company of these wonderful bunch of people and batch the 13th was not at all an unlucky one, I added 19 more to my friendslist!!!


Dileep said...

Wow.... I would like to go back to school :)

sriram said...

Hey Sandeep cheta !! Can u tell me more about the course and when would it start again ? U know very well that how crazy am with this ad stuff ! lemme know plsssss !
Sid !

Terentia said...

Well written article.