Monday, February 26, 2007

Veni vidi wiki………
Jimmy “jimbo” Wales, founder of wikipedia,10th largest site in the world was in Chennai for the wikicamp , India’s first wiki unconference.
25 FEB 2007, 7:10 a.m
9:15 a.m 300+ participants. Kiruba Shankar, a well known Indian blogger, podcaster and one of the main brains behind the event kick started the camp. There were famous wikipedians from U.S, Banglore and Chennai.
Then came Jimmy and talked about wikipedia, search engine project... There were workshops for wiki beginners, about media wiki and whole lots of topic related to wikis.
This is what Jimmy learnt from wikipedia project
A priori thinking is bad
Community is good
People are basically good
Guided chaos is unstoppable
A simple vision is good
Thats Jimmy, edit this page!!!!!!
No prizes for guessing who's laptop is this. Jimbo!!!!!
Everybody who attended the camp was supposed to sign the huge backdrop, Jimmy is doing his part
Jimmy loves WIKI
I also did my part
Me, myself and Jimmy!!!!
Thats Kiruba Shankar and Atul Chitnis
Lets see who is going to take the foto first, Me or Jimmy?
Team having dinner with Jimmy, Atul
Don't tell me you can not locate me, I am behind Jimmy, on his right side!!

The hero was, as expected by all, Jimmy Wales. He talked to almost all the guys present, posed for fotos, and gave autographs

And in the end, Jimmy Wales came, saw and conquered everybody's Hearts.

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