Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gandhi is suddenly remembered everywhere. Desmond Tutu receiving Gandhi peace prize, books are being published by Bapu’s kin, Satyagrahas are enacted, Corporate Congress men in Khadi silk are professing by the name of the man who shook the conscience of the Empire with a simple stick, is out of the blue a hot favourite.

As a student of Advertising, I would but like to be in awe of the "Mahatma" from another point of view. "The best communication GURU" ever walked on this planet. Even above management gurus like Peter Drucker or Philip Kotler, communications experts like Bill Bern Bach and David Ogilvy.

One of the finest examples showing the management skill of "Bapu" was the "Dandi" march organized by him. Instead of taking an easy route he preferred to walk and there by communicated all the way the message…. he started from his Ashram with a handful of his followers, handpicked and marched all the way to Dandi, halting in various villages, giving speech and mobilizing people.

By the time he reached the sea shore, half the world was waiting there. The rest half came with him of course….

Simple, yet so very effective…..

Shouldn't the loud marketing communicators of today learn a lesson or two from this man..?

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Anonymous said...

the best dramatist ever- Gandhi. well done boss.