Thursday, July 02, 2009

Short film makers from Chennai!

Meet a bunch of young talented guys passionate about short films. They have already made half a dozen short films in different languages.

One of them was shortlisted for screening in recently concluded International documentary and short film festival of Thiruvananthapuram, here to view the film

Main crew includes Sajeesh, Karthikeyan, Arun, Alphonse Puthran, Pradeep Palar, Krishna Shankar and Shabareesh Varma.

Some of their films had well known film personalities like S.M Raju and S.V Shekhar.

They take subjects like ‘time’, cycle race, Mumbai terror attack.

Wishing them and their short films all the very best!


Sailesh Varma said...

I thought I saw a familiar face in that crowd !!!

sandeep varma said...

yes, you r rite