Thursday, May 14, 2009

India Shining!!!

Remember 2004 election? when BJP coined the word 'India Shining' and campaigned? experts believed that this campaign was one of the main reason for their defeat because India was (if at all( shining only in Metros. Now thats about 2004

5 years after 'India Shining', 2009 Election time. I happened to go through CPI-M manifesto and this is what they say

30 million people are undernourished

More than half of India’s women are anaemic

40 per cent of children under three years are underweight

2,19,000 habitations have no access to clean drinking water

39 per cent of adult population is illiterate

77 per cent of the population spends less than Rs. 20 a day

The share of wages in the organised industrial sector is among the lowest in the world

India truly Shining!!!!!

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Sailesh Varma said...

I still believe that 'India Shining' was a campaign that was twisted by a lot of parties to suit their gains. Vajpayee government had initiated a lot of development works, which had indeed taken India to new levels, the fruits of which were there for the MMS govt to reap. Many schemes were kept in cold storage for reasons best known as well viz. Quadrilateral (which is moving - if at all - at a snail's pace, river linking, etc.). Manifestoes appear once in five years (in 4 months if it is a 3rd front) but the CPI (M) seldom take pains to enlighten us as to how much percent is from WB and Kerala, and how much percent has been tackled by them in these states.