Monday, March 02, 2009

After almost 15 years I saw a Hero pen! My colleague is using one. Last time I used a Hero pen was in my high school days. This pen was highly recommended for improving the hand writing. The pen used to come in three colours I think, Red, Green and Black.

Filling ink was real fun and a bit complicated also. But as a kid I used to enjoy this process. Having a Hero pen was matter of much pride in those days.

I googled and found that The Shanghai Hero Pen Company manufactures Hero pen. In Wikipedia it is mentioned as “This pen was popular in India during the 80s and 90s”.

True, Hero pen was really a Hero of all high school kids. Then came the Gel one and rest is history.


meerasworld said...

the name Hero pen made me laugh!i remember those days when i used that pen too!!well,not exactly mine,took from my father:),who had exceptionaly good handwriting.needless to say after i used it,it became useless.

Anonymous said...

Even i had a green hero pen.Really those time everyothr school student use to have that pen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandip, Great to hear about hero pens. I am a great fan of these brand pens. Till Little time ago i was using these pens. Just ask your friend if these are still available or where i can buy these. Jindly ping me at asluthra|@|

sandeep varma said...

Hi asluthra, you get these pens anywhere, its widely available. my frnd bought it from chennai