Monday, March 31, 2008

One evening with a living legend!

Anandettan came and told me that two tickets are available for the first test match between India and South Africa at Chennai. He said he is going on Friday 28th of March. That day Sehwag made history. Now the only thing that motivated me to go for the match was Sachin Tendulkar! I wanted to see him. So next day I decided to go. Around 2:30 I reached stadium. I ate one piece of Watermelon and two pears. I checked with a person about the score, he said India was all out! Ha great news now I can see all the players, especially Sachin. I entered the stadium with prayers in my lips to have a Darshan of God of 22 yards. I went inside and sat.

Sreeshanth started to bowl; Sachin was standing in first slip position. I could see him, but not that clear. Several overs passed but I was not happy. I wanted to see Sachin even closer. Match was not great, Indian took only 1 wicket and South Africa was not at all in a hurry. Then came the last over of the match! I came to know about this after the match. Again Sreesanth to bowl, all of
a sudden it happened. Sachin came running to long on and stood there.

Our section of gallery was in a state of absolute chaos. I saw two young guys writing something in a drawing sheet and running towards the fence and shouting Sachin, Sachin... Sachin Tendulkar was standing some 15 ft away from me. It was dream come true. People were screaming, shouting and making all types of noises to get Sachin’s attention. At last Sachin turned around and waved his hand.

Now people went crazy. Match was over and as he slowly walked towards Pavilion, I stood and had a last glimpse of Master blaster.

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