Friday, December 28, 2007

December 25 will always be remembered for two reasons: No prize for guessing the first one and second, it was on this day in the year 2007 Second (First in Kerala) official orkut Kshatriyam G2G happened at Thripunithura. Am I getting bit formal? Ok

This time everything related to G2G was special including my travel to Kerala from Chennai. Myself and my wife will go down in history as “first couple(most likely) to travel nearly 20 hours to reach North Paravur (Ernakulam dist) from Chennai. Don’t ask me how we accomplished this unique distinction, we are still clueless.
Then came Dec 25,my Mom, my wife and myself reached punithura by around was about to start at mind you) and there were already some 20 odd people. Met Girishettan (and few others)for the first time, Rajeevettan for 3rd time and Mohanammavan (K. L Mohanavarma)I have stopped counting the number of meetings with ammavan long time back.

So by around 11:30 function got kicked off. As i promised earlier, this is not a formal/official report.

Everybody except one, gave a self introduction. Mohanammavan, as usual was unique in that. He asked everybody to read his books and get to know about him better. He had a huge bunch of books written by him and everyone picked what they liked.

Various thoughts came up in the meeting.Kshatriya kshema sabha (atleast in Tripunithura) welcomes youth’s participation and elderly people are always there to guide/help. Jyothish put forth an idea of identifying various projects for the benefit of Kshatriya community and organize funds from NRI Kshatriyas

Mohanammavan’s message was simple!!!!! Try to create a good network, a well-knit community. As the stress levels of everybody is skyrocketing, try to find some good friends whom we can share our concerns, ideas and thoughts. When we have a good e community we can accomplish what all we want to. He said he had full faith in youth and all were capable of great things and he wished his age could be reduced by some 60 years so that he could become one among the audience!

Lunch was superb and sumptuous

That was my version of second formal Kshatriyam G2G and am waiting for Third one!!!!!

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