Monday, July 02, 2007

Lord Shiva and Kyoto protocol

Lord Shiva’s kailasam (where he stays) was bustling with activities from the very morning. The news came as an absolute shocker to everybody. The ice Shiva lingam at Amaranth cave has melted away completely on the very first day of pilgrimage!!!One of the Bhudhagana (his army) was frantically reading amendments made at Kyoto protocol convention. The question lingering in everybody’s mind was, has all the signatories started doing anything against climate change? It is said that Global warming caused Ice Shivalingam at Amarnath to melt away.
Thousand of devotees from different part of India visit Amarnath cave temple to have darshan of ice Shiva lingam. Lord Shiva was a worried God. I can’t even bless my devotees? What have I done? Or is it that my devotees don’t deserve this darshan? Yes, its all because of their mistakes, Lord thought. Humans have started destroying the nature for his selfish motives. They are not only making their lives miserable but mine also. Was this the beginning of the end? Lord was even more worried after thinking all this!


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