Monday, January 15, 2007

K.P. Namboodiri’s “Dantadhavanachoornam”

In one of my previous post, about my childhood memories, I did mentioned about my grandfather. He was affected by Parkinson’s disease. His disease left a strong image in me that even after years, when I saw the opening ceremony of Atlanta Olympics, the image of Mohammad Ali, affected by the same disease, struggling to light the games torch, brought back memories of my grandpa.

Another strong association of my memories of grandpa is rather unusual one, K.P. Namboodiri’s “Dantadhavanachoornam”, in modest terms, a brand of Tooth powder. It was my grandpa who introduced me to K.P. Namboodiri’s brand and he was a strong advocate of this brand. I should admit that I stopped using the product long back and conveniently switched to Tooth paste.Years passed and I almost forgot K.P. Namboodiri’s.

Now my younger brother, who is with me, uses the same K.P. Namboodiri’s Tooth powder. I don’t know how he switched over from toothpaste to toothpowder. During my last trip to Kerala, he asked me to buy one tin of same brand. Seeing me buying “Dantadhavanachoornam”, my friend also bought one tin of this brand. He said that he was a regular user of this brand and some how lost in touch with this product.

Now this brand has undergone a lot of changes in packaging. The old sober and not so attractive look has gone. Present packaging is more stylish, trendy and handy also.

K.P. Namboodiri’s “Dantadhavanachoornam”

I am convinced that at least some section of younger generation likes to use age-old brands that too when lots of substitutes are available in the market

As Old habits die hard, can we say old brands die hard?


Dileep said...

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