Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more new year round the corner and its celebration time. In my office we were asked to make our own masks and come. Now see some of them. What makes this celebration unique is all this is happening amidst uncertainty about job and business. More than half of people got fired. Still everybody is optimistic (not of getting fired) about future. Our office is ready to welcome 2009!

He tried Kathakali for sure!

That's one Tribal chief's mask!

Romeo or Remo?

Glad to see atleast one Gladiator

That's beauty queen (with mask)

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Great Indian Spelling Bee!
Saw this board opposite to Ascendas IT Park. The headline says ‘Indian Soups’ but if you see the lady, you will hardly believe that. Probably they want to say Indian soups served by a Chinese or Japanese? Now have a look at the spelling of various soups; be careful, you might lose your appetite!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How IT works

Nov30, Sunday night my wife, who is working in an IT company gets a message that the office will remain closed in the coming days. Thanks to Cyclone Nisha ( I am wondering on what basis they name these cyclones). The servers are not working, A/C also out of action. Normally when i am informed like this, I am thrilled but she is tensed. Monday, Dec 1 is the deadline for deliverables. Suddenly the atmosphere changed. She frantically started sending mails to the client, talking them over phone. This continues for a couple of hours.

Dec 1

Afternoon: she decides to go to Office and get the work in a pendrive so that if the client ask her to send the details, she can send
Eve: By now she is restless, making calls to Mumbai, London and some local calls (am seriously worried about our telephone bills) now I am also restless

7:30 p.m: She finds out that she can work from home on the remote desktop of Mumbai office
8:00 p.m she sets up the connection and ask two of her teammates to come home and work
8:25 p.m Two people arrive and start working. I am reminded of my BPO night shift days
9:00p.m Call from Mumbai, 4-5 people should fly to Mumbai and work from there for atleast 2-3 days
She starts calling her teammates, finds it difficult to convince them to fly to Mumbai (Quite understandable after terrorist attack). After much effort 3 brave hearts are ready. I am clueless!
9:50 p.m E- tickets mailed, two guys are working in full swing.

Dec 2
6:00 a.m: They are still working. I am headed to my office to take printouts of e-tickets. Never in my life I was so early to my office
9:30 a.m I drop her at Airport!
So I tell her next time if some one ask you where u working, tell them I work in Ascendas IT park..errrrr...Home....errrr ....Mumbai Office... just tell 'I am working'